Our Experience

Broadband Solutions, Inc. began in 1997 out of the need for quality contracting firms. With a strong Management & Supervisory team, we have been able to provide just what our customers are looking for. As we continue to open offices throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota, we've earned a respectable reputation as a leader in the telecommunications contracting industry.

Not only do the employees at Broadband Solutions, Inc. demonstrate knowledge and experience, but are dedicated to providing customers with prompt and accurate service. Although other companies offer similar services, it's the personal attention and professional treatment we guarantee our clients that makes Broadband Solutions, Inc. the exceptional choice.

Our Goals

As technology advances and consumers demand quality services from their providers, it is our goal at Broadband Solutions, Inc. to stay abreast of the latest technologies and to meet the growing demands of our customers. We strive to set the industry standards of professionalism through training, appearance and quality service.

Our Philosophy

Broadband Solutions, Inc. employees and their welfare are very important to the success of our company. Every employee of Broadband Solutions, Inc. is treated as a team member, and the success of our company is built on the recognition of the skills and efforts made by all.

Each employee is hourly paid and NOT piece rate compensated, or paid on a production basis. This process ensures that each job will be performed with the highest standards expected of them. Benefits such as health insurance and 401k plans are offered to all employees reducing employee turnover and retaining quality trained employees. All employees are equipped with company owned vehicles, tools, and uniforms. Many of our employees are NCTI and SCTE Broadband Premise Specialist Certified.